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Understanding the Ultra

Tweet There is plenty to admire and enjoy about the football culture in Italy without delving too far into the enigma of the ultra. The experience in Italian stadiums can amaze you, with incredible noise and creative displays from the … Continue reading

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Cultural Relativism and Coventry City

Tweet I’m struggling with Coventry City. I’d never given them much thought before, but now I have, I really am at a loss. When I was a student, I was taught about something called cultural relativism (bear with me) which … Continue reading

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A football pilgrimage: the Celtic experience with Wim the Tim (Leeds Celtic Supporters Club)

Tweet The news that Maguires pub in Leeds is due to close shortly isn’t going to send shock waves around the football world – it’s  a standard Irish boozer on the outskirts of the city centre. But, to Celtic fans … Continue reading

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Musings from Naples

Tweet A quick apology for the lack of new content recently. I have been suffering from a rare fatigue induced by pizza, spaghetti vongole, red wine, and Laphroig – all of which I consumed rather too much of in Naples … Continue reading

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