Stick around: Dortmund fans leave their mark on Arsenal

It’s almost a week since Borussia Dortmund invaded N4 for their Champions League fixture with Arsenal, but I’m still finding evidence of their visit on the back streets of Finsbury Park. They left their tag everywhere, but instead of using spray cans, they used stickers. I keep spotting them in random places: on lamp posts, cars, traffic lights, road signs, ATMs etc. A few examples below. I’m almost disappointed they didn’t tag my rusty old car.

I don’t know if this a trait unique to Dortmund or common among the travelling fans of other German clubs?


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3 Responses to Stick around: Dortmund fans leave their mark on Arsenal

  1. Chris says:

    How typically German – even the graffiti is organized!

  2. There is also lots of public carry near by having a U-Bahn train station situated right next door turning it into simple to get around.

  3. Tobias says:

    This is very common for groups from everywhere except from the UK, i’d say.

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