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Is it time for Milton Keynes to drop the Dons?

Tweet Surely, the strongest and most obvious component of any football club’s ‘brand’ is its local identity. You could argue that in the modern era, the global reach of the Champions League means the largest clubs have significant appeal beyond … Continue reading

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You sentimental fools

Tweet Sentimentality in football: high risk, but impossible to resist In Moscow there is a park containing hundreds of sculptures, including many of the figureheads from Soviet history. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many of these statues were simply pulled … Continue reading

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FC Cologne: a mid season review by an ill informed newbie

Tweet Around April last year I realised that if I wanted to be ‘in the football know’, I needed to acquire some understanding of German football. But,  I needed a team to follow to make my education a bit more … Continue reading

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Travelling light: adventures in Europe with Bury FC

Tweet Did you know Bury played a recent friendly against the national team of Gibraltar? Did you know Gibraltar had a national team? This is a tale of one man’s illogical quest to see his team participate in a meaningless … Continue reading

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New in Top Five: Francesco Totti

Tweet I’m not planning on doing many Top Fives focused on individual players, but due to his contribution to the lists I have compiled so far, there was one man whose goals needed commemorating: Francesco Totti. If you need convicning then … Continue reading

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