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Muamba: underneath the sensationalism is a genuinely positive story for football, at last.

Tweet There are certain footballers we like for reasons that have nothing to do with their ability in their chosen profession. Personally, I liked Gary Speed because he reminded me of watching football with my Dad, who passed away a … Continue reading

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Moneyballers and football flat-Earthers.

Tweet Anyone with more than a passing interest in professional sport should be familiar with the theory behind the book, Moneyball. For those that aren’t, it’s the story of how the Oakland A’s, led by general manager Billy Beane and … Continue reading

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Jack Petchey and direct action at Watford.

Tweet Recently, I have become preoccupied with failing football clubs. It is increasingly obvious that football fans need to take the power back. English football’s governing body, our esteemed FA, has proved itself to be a resounding failure as the … Continue reading

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Save your club!

Tweet There’s been a lack of activity from me recently, soz about that. Hope to more productive again soon. In the meantime, I’ll get straight to the point, the theme of latest rant for the The FCF is about failure, and how … Continue reading

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The Vulgarity of Chelsea

Tweet Chelsea are hard to like. Like an obnoxious banker on a night out with his mates, they piss money up the wall with a complete lack of self-awareness. How could they, we ask, how could they when Portsmouth are … Continue reading

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