Dortmund v Bayern and the future of the Bundesliga

Perhaps I’m being a bit ambitious with that title, but having just returned from Cologne, the big BuLi clash of the titans was the inspiration for my latest FCF column (more of my trip to see Cologne shortly).

As the Bundesliga season reaches its climax, Germany is preparing for one of the biggest matches in years. Bayern Munich travel to Borussia Dortmund tomorrow evening in search of a victory that will see them draw level on points with four games to play. Victory for Dortmund will all but secure back to back Championships for Jurgen Klopp’s popular side. Basically, it’s the match Sky were hoping they had with United travelling to City, one they could hype into orbit.

Sky’s counterparts in Germany will surely hope for a Bayern victory, setting up a sprint finish that also features another clash between the two clubs in the final of the DFB Pokal (the main German cup competition). Great excitement, but while whoever comes out on top will determine the team of the moment, there is potentially a bigger question emerging as to whether Dortmund can maintain their status as a championship contender in the long term.

A brief glance at the history of the Bundesliga reveals only one club has been able to sustain their position at the top: Bayern Munich. Bayern have been there since their great side of the 1970’s established the Bavarian club as a giant of European football. In the mean time, many other clubs have emerged as challengers to their dominance, but they have always faded, and Bayern have always remained.

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