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Can Villas-Boas master the transition at Spurs?

Tweet When a team is described as being in transition, it means they stink, but we kind of understand why. Chelsea were in transition for most of last season. It was generally accepted that Chelsea had relied on their established … Continue reading

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Serie A: a more sensible approach to transfers?

Tweet George Orwell wrote that Italians are incapable of doing anything without making a deafening noise, and he kind of has a point. Italy is pretty mental, but it works in its own way. Take the transfer market in Italian football … Continue reading

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An old fashioned testimonial

Tweet The overriding conclusion of all the post-Olympics wash ups in the media is that you’re a miserable bastard if you didn’t enjoy it. And, while the London Olympic orgy has been in full swing, football has seen some familiar … Continue reading

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Now we find out how good Newcastle really are

Tweet Among football’s numerous unwritten rules, there’s a widely held assumption that you must build on success. In football this means buying good players to consolidate what you already have. For supporting evidence see David Moyes’ eternal struggle to propel … Continue reading

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