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‘Regista’ is Italian football jargon for playmaker – the literal translation is ‘director’. Quite a pretentious name for a blog then. A regista is a player that seems to have an infinite amount of time on the ball, never looks flustered, and dictates the tempo of a match. I am not a regista, but through this blog I get to write about any issue in football that is occupying my thoughts and preventing me from prioritising more important matters.

I occasionally write for other sites, including Surreal Football, where I have contributed some  ‘semi decent content’. Not my words, but the words of When Saturday Comes.

You will find links to all my musings for other sites here.

To keep up to date with new content you can follow me on Twitter or Like Regista on Facebook.

If you want to contact me about the blog you can email: regista.blog@gmail.com


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