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The Bundesliga Binge: Cologne and Mönchengladbach

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Tweet I’m told that there are lots of cool places to go out in Cologne, but I have been twice and am yet to find them. This time I was given instructions on where to go, with maps and everything, but … Continue reading

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The Barcelona conspiracy

Tweet End of year reviews are a well established format in all sorts of journalism. They’re not intended to be hard hitting, but usually provoke a little debate. For example, a music review of albums of the year generally results … Continue reading

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It’s time for standing to return

Tweet If you’ve recently watched a professional football match anywhere in England, the chances are you’ll hear the away fans mocking the passive support of the locals at some point during the game. It’s a standard refrain, the irony being … Continue reading

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Arsenal: the right home for Prince Poldi?

Tweet I’d like to show off by starting this post with an Oscar Wilde reference, but I haven’t read the Happy Prince. Truth be told, I only found out it existed when I Googled ‘happy prince’ to see if I could find … Continue reading

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Euro 2012: Germany expects

Tweet This article first appeared on The FCF. German football used to have a bit of an image problem. Despite being highly successful, there wasn’t much to get excited about, a bit like the perception of Germany itself. And, just … Continue reading

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