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The worst Premier League idea yet: B teams

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Tweet A couple of years ago the Premier League strong armed the football league into accepting its proposed Elite Player Performance Plan. If you can’t recall the particulars it basically gave Premier Clubs greater freedom to hoover up young players … Continue reading

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There is no conspiracy

Tweet With Christmas approaching the start of the season seems an awfully long time ago. But, try to cast your mind back to Saturday 17th August, when Arsenal started the season with a 3-1 home defeat to Aston Villa. It … Continue reading

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England’s greatest manager immortalised

Tweet As it’s international week, here’s a very brief international special featuring the Graham Taylor soundboard. Following England is usually as much fun as pulling your fingernails pulled out, but with this device you can act out your managerial fantasies … Continue reading

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England and Rio Ferdinand, again.

Tweet If only Rio had done what he was perfectly within his rights to do and turn his back on England, for good. He had no reason to feel he owed his country anything, not after the ‘footballing reasons’ snub … Continue reading

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The joy of away days: is Arsenal worth it?

Tweet   One of the strengths of England’s football culture is its geography. England is a relatively small, densely populated country, so you never have to travel far to find a game in one of England’s four professional divisions. As … Continue reading

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