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Losing a final

Tweet On Monday I watched Crystal Palace defeat my team, Watford, in the Championship Play-Off final. It was a game that took an absolute age to arrive; just over a fortnight had passed since Watford defeated Leicester in an epic … Continue reading

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Brentford’s pain

Tweet When the Football League season begins in early-August the finish line seems ridiculously far away. Lying between August and May is a forty six match season – a campaign so long that large chunks of it end up being … Continue reading

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The ecstasy of the play offs

Tweet Don’t listen to anyone who says the football league playoffs are agony, they’ve got their emotions all confused. The playoffs are only agony if you don’t like to see your club competing in a match with something at stake. For many, … Continue reading

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Watford are a good team – get used to it

Tweet This article first appeared on The Two Unfortunates.  If this is wrong I don’t want to be right (or I’m sorry I’m not sorry) Not so long ago, in a satellite town not very far away (from London), Aidy … Continue reading

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Save your club!

Tweet There’s been a lack of activity from me recently, soz about that. Hope to more productive again soon. In the meantime, I’ll get straight to the point, the theme of latest rant for the The FCF is about failure, and how … Continue reading

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