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World Cup goals: Ronaldo is a worthy leader, boring Klose is not.

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Tweet Germany’s recent World Cup warm up game against Armenia proved to be significant for two reasons: one, Marco Reus picked up an injury; and two, Miroslav Klose’s 69th international goal established him as his country’s all-time leading goal scorer, … Continue reading

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Can’t help getting excited about the World Cup

Tweet It’s debatable whether there has ever been a golden period for the World Cup. If there was it was probably in the 70’s and early 80’s, when Brazil and Holland pretty much guaranteed entertainment. After that it’s been a … Continue reading

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Street Child World Cup: more than just a game for Team Liberia

Tweet While the FIFA World Cup has been dogged by controversy, another tournament is kicking off in Brazil that all football fans should get behind. George Smyth of Street Child explains.  Months before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil … Continue reading

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Andrea Pirlo: ridiculously good at football

Tweet American sports commentators aren’t shy of throwing in a superlative or two when they get excited. One of my favourite sports documentaries is Michael Jordan’s Air Time, which includes several lengthy montages of action featuring flabbergasted comments like, ‘That’s … Continue reading

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The World Cup doesn’t have to be a burden

Tweet Sepp Blatter started work on the latest chapter of his memoirs (working title: The Great Dictator) when he pulled Qatar’s name out of the envelope and revealed it to a stunned global audience. He was delighted to be spreading … Continue reading

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