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It was written: a New Messi will rise.

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Tweet In completing the signing of Eden ‘I’m kind of a big deal’ Hazard, Chelsea have definitely signed the new Lionel Messi. That is a definitive statement that cannot be contested.  It says so on right here in this Daily … Continue reading

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Liverpool and Manchester United need the dollars

Tweet The Deloitte money league was published the other week. It usually has some interesting observations, and this year was no different. One particularly grotesque figure was the £64 million that Chelsea have spent on hiring and firing managers during … Continue reading

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Football journalism from the attic: Sportsyear Magazine’s World Cup 90 preview

Tweet I recently rediscovered an issue of the long defunct BBC Sportsyear Magazine in my Mum’s loft, where it had been preserved for posterity (i.e. buried in all the junk I left behind). Not just any copy, it was the … Continue reading

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Football pundits: a less than magnificent seven

Tweet Thanks to the broadcasters, a legion of ex-footballer pundits are actually paid real money to torture the minds of unfortunate viewers. As the new season approaches, remind yourself of their respective talents, and be afraid. This is England’s very … Continue reading

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Out with the old

Tweet In the wake of the Keys/Gray sexism fallout, here are my suggestions for improving TV coverage of football: Change the mix of the panel: the best football journalists are employed to make critical observations and articulate them, so why … Continue reading

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