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Crystal Palace: Tony Pulis and the joy of ugly victories

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Tweet We’d all like to see our team sweeping opponents aside, owning the pitch with the confident swagger of an unbeatable army. But, for many fans this reality is unknown, and matches are often closely fought contests between two evenly … Continue reading

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Manchester United’s glory hunters have had it easy for far too long

Tweet There’s something highly irritating about the fan who simply chooses the best team that he or she has no immediate connection too, and it’s a condition that affects the South of England far more than the North. A couple … Continue reading

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Manchester United: the easiest money the Glazers will ever make.

Tweet Manchester United didn’t become one of the definitive corporate behemoths of modern sport by accident. It happened as a result of concerted efforts to monetise every aspect of their existence as a football club. Until recently, the result of … Continue reading

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Jose Mourinho’s quest for legacy

Tweet Jose Mourinho wins things everywhere he goes, so why isn’t he universally hailed as a master? The answer, apparently, is legacy, or Mourinho’s lack of it. His critics allege he is a short-term manager, brought in to achieve instant … Continue reading

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Who cares if Mancini is vain? Probably not Manchester City fans.

Tweet For some inexplicable reason I’m still thinking about Roberto Mancini’s sacking by Manchester City. I say inexplicable because few people were shocked by this news when it was first announced, and even if they were, these things are usually … Continue reading

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