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Save your club!

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Tweet There’s been a lack of activity from me recently, soz about that. Hope to more productive again soon. In the meantime, I’ll get straight to the point, the theme of latest rant for the The FCF is about failure, and how … Continue reading

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The Coliseum of Scottish Football: Old Hampden Park

Tweet Jesus, this place looks like the most intimidating amphitheatre any footballer ever had to endure. Imagine those vast, endless terraces, crammed with partisan Glaswegian hard cases, smashed up to their eye balls. There can be no doubting the legendary … Continue reading

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A football pilgrimage: the Celtic experience with Wim the Tim (Leeds Celtic Supporters Club)

Tweet The news that Maguires pub in Leeds is due to close shortly isn’t going to send shock waves around the football world – it’s  a standard Irish boozer on the outskirts of the city centre. But, to Celtic fans … Continue reading

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