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Three views of Italian football: the supporters club, the local team, and the arena.

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Tweet I recently hooked up with a friend who gave me some photos from a trip to Italy in 2005. We were visiting a mutual friend in Rome, via his home town of Agnone, a small town in the hills … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Hernanes?

Tweet Liverpool were so desperate they signed Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson; Milan have resorted to playing Flamini and De Jong; and, last season, Manchester United were so bereft of quality they had to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement. … Continue reading

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Serie A: a more sensible approach to transfers?

Tweet George Orwell wrote that Italians are incapable of doing anything without making a deafening noise, and he kind of has a point. Italy is pretty mental, but it works in its own way. Take the transfer market in Italian football … Continue reading

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Alessandro Del Piero

Tweet This article first appeared on The FCF The word legend is thrown around all too easily these days. You’ve heard the kind of talk, people referring to their mate as a legend because of some amusing or entertaining act. … Continue reading

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New in Top Five: Francesco Totti

Tweet I’m not planning on doing many Top Fives focused on individual players, but due to his contribution to the lists I have compiled so far, there was one man whose goals needed commemorating: Francesco Totti. If you need convicning then … Continue reading

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