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In off the bar: the sound of glory

Tweet Remarkably, some people decided not to spend Monday night watching Hull City v West HaIf. Granted, there were times in the first half that shook my sense of purpose to its core. What choices had a I made that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on 2014/15

Tweet Another year. A few things to look forward to and a few things to dread in unequal measure No more laughing at United  Before writing this I had a quick look back at United’s results last season because I’d almost … Continue reading

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Ticket stub memories

Tweet One of the best things about going to your mum’s house is rummaging through all your old crap that she’s been wanting you to get rid of for years. During one recent salvage operation in my Mum’s loft I … Continue reading

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Manchester United’s glory hunters have had it easy for far too long

Tweet There’s something highly irritating about the fan who simply chooses the best team that he or she has no immediate connection too, and it’s a condition that affects the South of England far more than the North. A couple … Continue reading

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Manchester United: the easiest money the Glazers will ever make.

Tweet Manchester United didn’t become one of the definitive corporate behemoths of modern sport by accident. It happened as a result of concerted efforts to monetise every aspect of their existence as a football club. Until recently, the result of … Continue reading

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