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The good news Manchester United fans have been waiting for

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Tweet Issue 2 of the Surreal Football ebook is out today. Two of the three people behind Surreal Football are Manchester United fans. I don’t know who the other one supports. I think it’s West Brom, but that doesn’t matter, because two … Continue reading

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New Surreal Football magazine

Tweet Just a quick plug for a new magazine by the highly skilled trio at Surreal Football. The first episode is a preview of the 2012/13 seasona, and includes guest contributions, including one from me on Everton. If you’re wondering why I … Continue reading

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You sentimental fools

Tweet Sentimentality in football: high risk, but impossible to resist In Moscow there is a park containing hundreds of sculptures, including many of the figureheads from Soviet history. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many of these statues were simply pulled … Continue reading

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The inevitable Suarez/Evra post. I have been warned.

Tweet   The Anfield Crap [this article first appeared on Surreal Football - I can't take credit for the snappy title] In English football there are few institutions more emotive and seductive than the cult of Liverpool. The club’s slogan … Continue reading

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Reasons to love Napoli

Tweet This article first appeared on Surreal Football. Glamour, snobbery and a smoking manager: reasons to like S.S.C Napoli S.S.C Napoli is the only genuine football behemoth in Southern Italy. Rather like the city it resides in, the football club … Continue reading

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