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The worst Premier League idea yet: B teams

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Tweet A couple of years ago the Premier League strong armed the football league into accepting its proposed Elite Player Performance Plan. If you can’t recall the particulars it basically gave Premier Clubs greater freedom to hoover up young players … Continue reading

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Street Child World Cup: more than just a game for Team Liberia

Tweet While the FIFA World Cup has been dogged by controversy, another tournament is kicking off in Brazil that all football fans should get behind. George Smyth of Street Child explains.  Months before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil … Continue reading

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Ticket stub memories

Tweet One of the best things about going to your mum’s house is rummaging through all your old crap that she’s been wanting you to get rid of for years. During one recent salvage operation in my Mum’s loft I … Continue reading

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Five legendary old terraces

Tweet Terracing at football has been back in the news again recently after the Football League voted in favour of safe standing. The League still needs Government approval to make standing legal, but it’s a start. Standing is a cheaper way … Continue reading

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In defence of Robin Van Persie – muted celebrations must be stamped out

Tweet There was a bit of fuss last weekend about Robin van Persie’s celebration after scoring against former club Arsenal. Some (Arsenal fans) felt Van Persie’s celebration to be a little over the top, or lacking respect to his former … Continue reading

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