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The World Cup doesn’t have to be a burden

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Tweet Sepp Blatter started work on the latest chapter of his memoirs (working title: The Great Dictator) when he pulled Qatar’s name out of the envelope and revealed it to a stunned global audience. He was delighted to be spreading … Continue reading

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America wasn’t ready for a world cup in 1994 – it is now.

Tweet Maybe it’s the latent colonial in me, but I’m pretty fascinated by football in America. Football in Europe probably reached its critical mass a long time ago, but in America it’s just getting started, and there’s something exciting about … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand’s football philosophy

Tweet I’ve taken an interest in the writing of Ayn Rand in recent months, telling anyone who’ll listen what I think of her seminal work, Atlas Shrugged. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a 1,200 pager, by far … Continue reading

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Motherland Calls – the World Cup in Russia

Tweet The announcement of Russia’s host cities for the 2018 World Cup was hardly the big football story of the weekend. It all seems like a long way off right now – we’ve got Brazil to get through first. But, … Continue reading

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United’s Groundhog Day, Rodgers’ Redemption, backing the wrong goal machine, and other musings.

Tweet Going on holiday means my blog has been rather neglected (as has my five-a-day intake of fresh fruit and vegetables – thank you cooks of Tennessee), but now I’m back it’s time to vent on a few recent stories. … Continue reading

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