Decision Time – my Bundesliga team for 2011/12

There’s no point dragging this on for any longer than is necessary. I had the whole of the Bundesliga to choose from, and I got some wonderfully informative feedback from fans of different clubs, but I can only choose one and my decision has been made.

It wasn’t an easy choice. As appealing as they are, it seemed too obvious to go with Dortmund given their current success. The case for Werder Bremen was compelling, but they just didn’t grab me. Why not Hertha? I love Berlin, and my only Bundesliga experience to date was watching Hertha play Hamburg a few years ago. But, I associate Berlin with music, art, and culture – not football. How about Kaiserslautern? Watford’s only experience of European football involved a famous triumph over the Red Devils of Rhineland. It’s as good a reason as any. That said, if I go down the route of Watford connections, I’d also have to consider Mainz, a town officially twinned with Watford. And if that’s my reason, I should probably lend my support to FK Veliky Novgorod of the Russian Federation too. No, Watford has already played too big a part in my life. It’s time to break free.

After careful consideration, I choose FC Köln – a team with as much recent stability as a drunk attempting to walk the high wire. Why? Well, everyone told me to trust my instinct. I like the suggestion that there’s rarely a dull moment, as Jason from Unprofessional Foul tried to warn me, “That’s a rough road my friend. Köln’s a party, but every so often someone spikes the party punch”.

Sounds perfect. I mean, how much fun can you really have being top of the pile all the time? You need some lows to make the highs that bit sweeter. Köln have history, they have won things, they have a good stadium and, by all accounts, great fans. But, it seems you never know what you’re going to get. Well, that’s sort of what sets the Bundesliga apart from the other major leagues.

Another deciding factor was Köln’s mascot, Hennes, the goat. No macho lions or proud eagles for Köln. Not convinced? Check out these five interesting stories about Köln (courtesy of Normusings) – five good reasons to support the Goats in my opinion.

Finally, Köln is by all accounts a beautiful city. It’s somewhere I’d quite like to visit. This was also important, as it means I might actually go and see my adopted team one day. So, my sincere thanks to all who contributed suggestions, but it’s Hennes and FC Köln for me.

All Hail Hennes - King of the RheinEnergieStadion

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3 Responses to Decision Time – my Bundesliga team for 2011/12

  1. Niklas says:

    The heart wants what the heart wants my mother used to tell me. Having said that, you chose a team with a rich history, which is positioned in a lovely city. Additionally, the Köln fans are really great, and if you ever make the trip to the cathedral city, I am certain that you’ll have a really great time.

    Kinda gutted that you didn’t choose Werder, but I am really pleased that you chose a team that I do have a soft spot for.(Having said that, I really wanted you not to choose Wolfsburg, that was number 1 on my list of priorities). I hope that the next season will be a more joyous season than this one.

  2. Anne says:

    Congratulations on making the big leap! You’ve made a very solid choice. My only reservation regarding Köln is their management’s reputation for, um, wrongheadedness? I couldn’t deal with that frustration but I hope it doesn’t dampen your enjoyment. There’s always Hennes to turn to in the rough times. 😉 Now you have to learn the “Lu-lu-lukas Podolski” song! Look it up if you haven’t heard it, it’s genius.

    I kind of wish I had tried to sell you on Mainz, but I hope you’ll keep a soft spot for us given the connection to Watford. :) Welcome to the wacky world of the Bundesliga!

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