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Who cares if Mancini is vain? Probably not Manchester City fans.

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Tweet For some inexplicable reason I’m still thinking about Roberto Mancini’s sacking by Manchester City. I say inexplicable because few people were shocked by this news when it was first announced, and even if they were, these things are usually … Continue reading

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Playing for pride is not exciting. At all.

Tweet This has been a boring Premier League season. I know it’s lazy to say it, but maybe the prolonged lack of entertainment has made me lethargic. Yes, the Football League’s been amazing, the Champions League has had some moments, … Continue reading

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The joy of away days: is Arsenal worth it?

Tweet   One of the strengths of England’s football culture is its geography. England is a relatively small, densely populated country, so you never have to travel far to find a game in one of England’s four professional divisions. As … Continue reading

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The Barcelona conspiracy

Tweet End of year reviews are a well established format in all sorts of journalism. They’re not intended to be hard hitting, but usually provoke a little debate. For example, a music review of albums of the year generally results … Continue reading

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What recession? Arsenal top the extortion table

Tweet You’ve probably noticed that the economy isn’t looking so hot right now. Britain is experiencing its worst financial crisis since the 1930’s, jobs are scarce and household debt is the highest it’s been for decades. A chaffing squeeze on our finances, but this … Continue reading

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